Wednesday, 20 October 2010

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Know Your Redgage Earning Capabilities
Dear readers,

This is to all my RG friends and other users as I have written to enable all of them to determine their potential and earning capabilities on RG.

Most of us the first thing when we join earning sites are; why is the money not pumping up so fast? Being an online earner I would like to say that; nothing comes on a silver plate and by the way be very weary of sites that dish out money so easily as I know of some that don’t even exist no more even others went as far as asking users to ”To Pay To Get Paid”

Enough of that and back to our topic; here are some points that I have laid out to help those of us getting to know R.G better.

I. Always read the instructions on RG’s homepage on how to earn before login in or use .

II. Be patient with your earnings.

III. Having read the instructions on how to earn; try to identify on an area that you can utilize to earn more

IV. Participate on the tasks that RG have set aside.

V. Be on the watch out for RG Competitions

Having said that; most of my earnings have come through RG’s competitions and now am into tasks also. RG have made it easy for new users to even earn more as their unique rate of per 1000 views is slightly high[take full advantage of this if you area a new user]

R.G speaks so submitting informative and educational content in form of blogs or documents to RG users and you stand a chance to win the daily task.

Inviting a new user to RG through your special link [i.e. mine is] one earns more points and you stand a chance to win the daily task and this is where more points are than any other RG activity.

Uploading of quality content will earn you much as your work not only stands to be featured but also have a higher rate per 1000 views. I know of a lady who has quality photos shot on a high end semi pro camera and her earnings are so good.

Take time to rate other peoples content in turn what you have done onto others shall be done onto you and when your ratings are high you earn more also.

Lastly, always use R.G Help: contact them and they will always respond to you under 24hrs.

Let me grab this opportunity to wish you a happy earning spree on RG.

With Thanks,


Redgage Beneficiary.

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