Wednesday, 20 October 2010

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We all have our reasons why we join earning sites. Most of us join because of the money and that’s the primary reason; but RG is one unique site, it socializes your other social activities on the internet into one site called Redgage.

More than a year down the line and I still don’t regret why I joined RG. To me this site has been more of like Father Christmas making merry each day in our lives.

I have been able to earn quite a lot ever since I joined. My no.1 priority: that I even told RG Help when I won was to get a used computer to help me, my family and friends and I got it.

Due to other issues I haven’t been able to be very active in R.G because the cost of internet was so expensive and now with four fiber optic cables connecting our country [Kenya] to the rest of the world, the cost has dropped by a massive 90% as compared in 2009. Now I can do internet for 3hrs a day at a cost of $1.50 a week and guess who is going to pay my bill? Redgage!!! You got it right.

Now my plan is to replace a very old 20” CRT monitor that I bought with a cool 19” Widescreen HP TFT monitor and guess who will be buying it for us? Redgage!!!! You got it right again. This will enable us cut the cost of electricity by a whooping 40% as we normally spend a lot of time on the p.c playing games and watching movies and the cost of electricity is so high in my country.

Last but not least, I have decided and set my goals that Redgage’s Christmas present for my family will be a cool 14.1Mpx W320 Sony Camera and this will make it easy for us to capture our life’s moments very easily and share with them to my Redgage community.

So my question to you is; are you reaching your goals with Redgage?

With Thanks,


Redgage Beneficiary.

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