Wednesday, 20 October 2010

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Dear Readers,

I am writing to all of you to let you know that there are some of us who ought to think that the way RG uses to pay us is rather cumbersome & others regard it as waiting and wanting as one tends to wait for long before the card arrives.

In my opinion, it’s the best way that I have ever used to pay for my services keeping in mind that the Redgage Branded Visa Card is my first official visa card.

One of my friends has replied to my blog complaining about the long duration that the card takes to arrive. Remember that, Redgage uses the safest and fastest way to ensure that the card arrives safely and swiftly.

In the above case, when your envelope arrives with your visa card before opening it, check the top right hand area of the envelope next to the postal stamps. You will notice the day the letter got dispatched from the postal services in the USA; as both the date and time are clearly rubber stamped on top of the envelope.

My first visa card took two weeks to arrive and the replacement took less than 10days to arrive. So those impatient should know that when international letters arrive to your country it may also take sometime before the letter finds its way into your mail box depending on how fast your postal service providers are.

One should ensure that;

-Your names are correct.

-Your shipping address is correct

-Include a zip/postal code [this ensure the mail arrives faster]

-Lastly be patient.

Remember that paypal is not fully supported worldwide and with its recent hackings it doesn’t make it as a better mode of payment. After all, payments with paypal will subject you to paypal fees and bank fees too not forgetting a lower exchange rate for international users. With Redgage it’s the card fees only!



RG Beneficiary.

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