Wednesday, 20 October 2010

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I joined Redgage approximately a year ago at a time when I was venturing into online earning. Am a Kenyan, therefore finding sites that could pay to my country was a bit hard. Then I landed on Redgage with all the doubts that it could deliver. So I gave a try after all I had nothing to loose.

I remember well I had malaria then, and the first thing I saw was “ Competition” on the homepage and all one needed to do was to invite people to join and I won the first day including the first week but I lost to some aggressive guy [incomebiz] for the month’s award.

I was so exited and told my family and friends about it and all they could say is that it’s not true. So I had to wait for long before my card arrived as Redage had less of my contacts and RGHelp had to contact me about it.

D-day arrived and I had a big task over my shoulders to make the right choices. My younger brother was the one who picked the card from the mailbox and the address on top of the card immediately showed him where it had come from. The biggest challenge was how I was going to spend the $80.00 stashed in the card from Redgage.

Since R.G was all about social networking, I thought getting a new phone, buying nice shoes or clothes for me was one selfish idea but rather spending it on something that could connect my family, friends and I was the proper picture that represents Redgage [Social Networking] thus I made a decision to buy a used Ex-U.K computer for us.

Initially I used to walk long distances to go pay for the same at computer caf├ęs, since those ones at school didn’t have an internet connection. Hence, when everyone asked where I got money from, I simply removed my Redgage Visa Card and told them read between the lines.

Since then many of my friends have benefited from the computer including me. Now I can log on to Redgage at the comfort of our home any time of day or night.

On another cash that I won on Redgage, it came at a time when we were broke in the house and had short of supplies, so I told my sister not to worry for all I did was to take my card and bought us plenty of food stuff to push us through the month.

All I urge my fellow Redgage friends: is to spend their hard earned cash on Redgage “Socially”. Let it help family and friends so as not only shall Redgage benefit us directly but also it will have benefited others indirectly too.



Redgage Beneficiary.

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